A. English- Masterclass in Stress Management Digital Training
Whether you are a parent/caregiver, work within a school environment or another type of child and youth serving organization, the information provided in our Masterclass is the first step towards understanding, recognizing and applying strategies to support the young people in your life manage life’s inevitable ups and downs.

$25 Includes:
-1.5 hour recording on the fundamentals of stress and resiliency, including how to identify it in yourself and children/youth, the physiology of stress, tips and strategies for managing stress and moving to resilience
-Curated resources to support learning.
-Asynchronous: watch at your own pace and return to the video whenever you need to – this workshop will prepare you for implementing our stress management programs in your school

**Please note that this is a prerequisite for the Resilience Building Programs**

Check the upcoming available dates. After you purchase the training, you will get an order confirmation please choose only one set of two days, click the link below and complete the form.