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Happy Anniversary !      

First Three Years /Make the Connection is celebrating 5 years at The Psychology Foundation of Canada and 16 years since it’s creation. Make the Connection program help parents foster a secure, nurturing relationship with their babies across Canada and abroad. We know that the first three years of life are a period of incredible growth in all areas of a baby's development. This makes it a critical time to support parents and teach them skills that will help them get their child off to a good start.
Research conducted by Toronto Public Health and Queen’s University indicated that Make the Connection program improves Parent Sense of Competence in their parenting role and 95% of parents in Make the Connection said it increased their loving relationship with their baby. 

 Thank you to all the family of Make the Connection for these incredible years!


Learn more about the program  and resources .

Let's Deal with Kids' Stress Now! Campaign   

Goal: Raise $15,000 so we can provide parents across Canada with our evidence-based tools, strategies, and resources that focus on helping children handle stress. With your help we can expand our outreach and in turn families across Canada develop the skills needed to lead happy healthy lives.

What we do now:For more than 40 years, The Psychology Foundation of Canada has applied the best psychological knowledge to create practical programs helping children become confident, and productive adults. Our programs and resources are delivered through multiple channels and diverse partnerships across Canada and are designed to benefit all children, not just those at risk. The PFC is one of few organizations devoted to primary prevention, mitigating risk and setting kids on a path to good mental health.  PFC's programs and resources have been:
Distributed across 10,000 social service agencies in Canada
Translated into other languages and
Reached as many as 2M people across Canada.

Why we need your help:The PFC wants to expand its work to reach more parents across all of Canada. Our main mission revolves around providing parents with knowledge, awareness and skills to help their children handle stress effectively. Children are struggling to cope with the stresses of daily life and are frustrated by the lack of appropriate resources and information to help them.  

Why Stress:Stress is a normal part of everyday life for children and adults. It helps to motivate us and adds a positive challenge to life. However, stress among children is estimated to have increased 45% over the past 30 years. The good news is that building emotional health and resiliency can help children. Young children can learn practical strategies to relieve stress, and effective ways to respond to stressful situations. By learning to cope with life’s ups and downs, children develop healthy strategies that help them to adapt, self-regulate, be resourceful, feel competent and become more resilient. According to the Harvard Child Development Institute “The best way to change outcomes for vulnerable children is to build the capabilities of the adults in their lives”.  

Please join us in this unique initiative!  Donate here! https://makeachamp.com/psychologyfoundationofcanada

Key messages for healthy development in early childhood

A public health agency in Ontario has identified the need to update a resource that highlights key factors and messages about the socio-emotional development of children ages 0 to 6 years. The current resource is a valuable prevention and promotion tool for staff to use when interacting with children, caregivers and families but is in need of more current information.


Girl Guides of Canada Mighty Minds                    

Girl Guides of Canada Mighty Minds is a new, national program being introduced across Canada to promote positive mental health. Developed in collaboration with experts at The Psychology Foundation of Canada  and Kids Help Phone, Mighty Minds will help girls and young women learn about mental health, address the stigma that surrounds mental health issues, develop skills to face the ups and downs of the daily life and learn to take care of their mental health now and throughout their lives.

 The Anxiety Workbook for Kids

Congratulations to our Trustee Dr. Robin Alter, she has just published a second book: “The Anxiety Workbook for kids: Take Charge of Fears and Worries Using the Gift of Imagination”

Millions of children suffer from anxiety, and those who are diagnosed with anxiety or brought into therapy often feel embarrassed about not being “normal”. But children have an underutilized tool at their disposal – their imagination.

As children become more aware of the role of their imagination in fueling their anxiety, they will ultimately become the boss of their worries by harnessing the power of their imaginations. This creates an opportunity for children to understand their anxiety from a positive framework.

The Anxiety Workbook for Kids is a fun and unique workbook grounded in evidence-based CBT and designed to help children understand their anxious thoughts within a positive framework—a perspective that will allow kids to see themselves as the highly imaginative individuals they are, and actually appreciate the role imagination plays in their anxiety. With this workbook, children will learn that, just as they are capable of envisioning vivid scenarios that fuel their anxiety, they are capable of using their imagination to move away from anxious thoughts and become the boss of their own worries.

The Psychology Foundation of Canada has recently completed "Parenting Tip Sheets" for parents of preteens (Available in different languages)

The “You and Your Preteen” Tip sheets were developed to provide helpful information on how parents can maintain their relationship with their child as they transition into the teen years. While the sheets provide tips for all parents of preteens, they were specifically created to address the challenges newcomer families face as their child moves towards greater independence. There are 6 topics that cover Friendships, Discipline, Puberty, Building a Strong Relationship, Independence and Managing Conflict.  

They are currently available for download on our RESOURCE  page.

The Psychology Foundation of Canada new brochure  

Confident Kids, Productive Adults 

PFC Brochure
(Adobe PDF File)

Stress is a normal part of life and a certain amount can actually be good for us. However, if not properly managed, stress can build up and negatively impact both physical and mental health. To help Canadians build the resiliency to effectively manage their stress, The Psychology Foundation of Canada, with support from Pfizer Canada, has developed Stress Strategies – an online tool empowering Canadian adults to explore the sources of their stress and develop their own customized plans for managing it.

For more information  www.StressStrategies.ca

Welcome CPA & CPAF to the PFC!

The Psychology Foundation of Canada (PFC) is pleased to welcome the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) and the Canadian Psychological Association Foundation (CPAF)! In September 2014, an agreement was signed determining that PFC will become home to the charitable activities formerly mandated to the CPAF. The CPAF was established in 2001 upon the initiative of CPA to provide opportunities for charitable gifts that would meet public needs for psychology-related information, services and programs.

Over the past several years, the Boards of CPA and CPAF carefully considered how to best move their charitable activities forward and determined that they would be best advanced by our mature charity, The Psychology Foundation of Canada (PFC). Our national registered charity, founded in 1974, brings psychological knowledge and expertise to better the lives of Canadians and their communities. PFC's charitable activities have focused on the development of prevention programs and resources for children and families as well as workplace mental health.

Under the agreement with CPA, PFC’s activities will expand to include those that had been the mandate of the CPAF; namely, awards for graduate student research alternately with awards for innovations in psychological service delivery.

The designated and restricted funds that existed within CPAF will be transferred to the PFC and administered in accordance with their original and intended purposes – the Bea Wickett fund provides awards targeted to psychological services for children and youth within school communities, and the Mary Wright fund provides awards for scholarly activity within the history and philosophy of psychology.

We will be working with the CPA to encourage their members and supporters to make the PFC a charity of choice, one that is committed to enhancing the wellbeing of Canadians through the application of psychological knowledge and service.

With the agreement that CPA and CPAF have undertaken with the PFC, the CPAF will surrender its charter and cease its operations in October 2014.

CPA will be reaching out to its membership to encourage their contribution to PFC and its activities. For more information contact executiveoffice@cpa.ca. Please look through our website and/or contact us at info@psychologyfoundation.org

PFC and the AQCPE!

Thank you to the AQCPE (The Quebec Association of Early Childhood Centres) for supporting and encouraging the use of PFC's Our Children and Stress program.

The AQCPE is a network of social enterprises representing the interests of the majority of early childhood centers and coordinating offices of family child care, meeting in 13 regional groupings of CPE present throughout Quebec.  

For more information about The AQCPE, click here

Companies Committed to Kids

Announcing a new partnership with CCK to support children's mental wellness! 

We are excited to be the official resource partner for Companies Committed to Kids (CCK) newly launched Mental Wellness Campaign. Strong parent-child relationships are central to a child’s mental well-being. To underline this concept, CCK has developed a new PSA and infographics to inform parents about the important role they play.

We encourage you to check out their mental wellness campaign here.