16th Annual VIRTUAL Breakfast for Champions

"Resiliency During Difficult Times"

Our Breakfast for Champions is our single biggest campaign to fund the development and delivery of our much needed proven programs to communities across Canada. Join us on November 5th at 8am EST to ensure every child in Canada has the opportunity to thrive.

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 Our children are living through unprecedented times. The fall-out from the COVID-19 pandemic will have real, long-term psychological costs and our children are among the most vulnerable. And that’s not all. We have a pandemic within a pandemic with the impact of anti-black racism on black youth throughout Canada. Black children are experiencing severe anxiety and stress. 

Our children are suffering and they need our resiliency building programs now more than they ever. 


Hosted by

Amanda Lang, BNN Bloomberg Anchor, will host the event. She will interview our panel of  experts on what we can do to support our children during this very challenging time. Our guests will have the opportunity to ask our experts questions and we will hear from children and youth who have benefitted from our programs.


Our Experts Panel

                                    Dr.Carl James                                          Matthew Johnson                                       Dr. Carolyn Lennox                     

Jean Augustine Chair in Education, 
Community and Diaspora
in the Faculty of Education,
Senior Advisor on Equity 
and Representation York University 
                         Director of Education

 President, Ontario Association for
Chief Psychologists with Ontario School  Boards, 
currently Manager of Psych Services, TDSB