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 The parent-child relationship is the foundation for all areas of child development.  Make the Connection (MTC) program spells out what every child needs to become securely attached. 

New Program Evaluation: Make the Connection is effective in promoting positive parent-to-infant attachment and is a strong candidate for public health initiatives targeting parenting skills (Amy O’Neill , Kimberly Swigger and Valerie Kuhlmeier Department of Psychology, Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada). See published research

The following programs are designed for you to facilitate with families in your community and address key aspects of attachment and early brain development:






Make the Connection 0-1: helps parents interact with their babies in ways that promote secure attachment, communication and brain development. This intensive and enjoyable program combines hands-on activities, parent reflection and discussion as well as personalized video feedback.  Read more on program details. *We have recently updated the Facilitator's Guide that accompanies this program. Click here for a detailed description of updates.



Make the Connection 1-2: helps parents support their child’s development during the second year. MTC 1-2 combines hands-on activities, parent reflection and discussion as well as personalized video feedback. Read more on program details.





Make the Connection 0-3: puts researched information into down to earth messages and activities which can be used with parents to help them connect with their young child in simple and pleasurable ways. In addition, it helps parents engage in conversations about the emotional demands of parenting and what makes it difficult to nurture a young child. Read more on program details.

Read more on theoretical background and program evaluations 

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