Activities for caregivers and children birth to three *NEW* eLearning course                   

We are excited to announce the launch of our very first eLearning course! This course has been designed to allow for a more flexible delivery of our MTC program within various services and cultural contexts. It can be delivered in home visits or other existing situations where caregivers and babies get together. The program is for childcare professionals working one-on-one with parents or professionals who want to introduce a few attachment activities to small groups of parents. MTC 0-3 is also used as a first step resource in situations where more targeted intervention may eventually be needed.
The course is designed to be used alongside the MTC 0-3 Facilitator’s Guide. It covers seven attachment topics in detail and includes many additional activities and messages you can apply in your practice.

Training benefits to childcare professionals:

  • Enhance your professional development
  • Learn effective strategies in how to work with parents on building a secure attachment with their child
  • Receive new certification 

Upon purchase you will receive:

  • Electronic MTC 0-3 Facilitator's Guide PDF
  • Link to online course
  • Certificate upon completion of the course's final survey


We have worked hard to create a user-friendly course that is laid out in an easy to navigate design. Throughout the course you will experience the ease of moving from one concept to the next and interactive elements will aide in your learning.





Gentle Coaching
An important aspect of building relationships with parents involves gentle coaching during parent-child activities. Coaching is about discovering how each parent likes to learn and what works to engage the child.This course provides guidance and tips on how to do this. 
Seven Topics on Attachment
The course covers seven topics that are central to promoting secure attachment from birth to three, and each topic has six associated activities for professionals to do with families—three for parents, and three for a parent and child to do together.


 MTC 0-3 is designed to strengthen the parent-child relationship where there may be risk factors related to: 

  • The child  - e.g. medical needs, developmental delay, difficult temperament, adoption

  • The parent – e.g. lack of confidence, PPMD, unresolved grief or trauma, history of insecure attachment, partner conflict,  financial stressors, a recent move

  • The community  - e.g. lack of supportive family or friends,  lack of immediate therapeutic intervention

    The program is for staff working one-on-one with parents or staff who want to introduce a few attachment activities to small groups of parents.