Kids Have Stress Too! Grades 7-9 


Welcome to Stress Lessons from Stressed Out to Chilled Out - Program for Grade 7-9 Classrooms

The aim of this resource is to help educators create teachable moments to introduce stress-management strategies and skills and build emotional resiliency in their students and themselves. This resource is intended for adults who work with youth who are in grades 7-9 in classrooms and other other educational and recreational settings. There are accompanying resources for students, as well as family members and other caregivers. 

Goals of the program are to: 

  • Provide educators with a psychologically sound Canadian learning resource that's relevant to a range of curriculum requirements
  • Provide students with opportunities and specific skills that will foster their social and emotional competence, resilience and well-being
  • Help educators and recreational staff create emotionally healthy learning environments by promoting self-awareness, empathy and mindfulness.

The program:

  • Is engaging, fun and student-centred
  • Is grounded in evidence and current research about the teen brain
  • Uses an inquiry-/project-based approach to help young people develop stress-management skills
  • Helps students understand what "normal" stress levels are and when to seek help
  • Reflects the increasingly important role that self-regulation is playing in educational settings
  • Builds on existing curriculum and fits well with the 21st century, making it easy for teachers to incorporate
  • Addresses a range of learning styles
  • Can help you learn skills to deal with your own stress

Our materials can be downloaded or ordered in print form from our RESOURCES  page.