Parenting for Life  

Program Overview

Parenting for Life is an award-winning public education program designed to promote positive parenting skills and the well-being of families. Based on major themes of parenting, there are seven booklets (in English and French) available for parents and for distribution at family resource centres, parent groups and for use in parenting programs. In addition, there is a parent educator facilitator’s guide for the Parenting for Life program, Parenting the School-Aged Child. More than 1 million booklets have been distributed across Canada. These resources can be downloaded or ordered in print form from our RESOURCES page.

“Children whose parents are reliable sources of comfort and strength have a lifetime advantage – a kind of buffer against the worst that fate can hand them.”
— The Body Keeps the Score, Bessel van der Kolk, M.D., 2014

Parenting matters! The parentchild relationship is the foundation for all areas of child development– it’s the template for all future relationships and prepares children for independence and becoming productive members of society.

“Parenting for Life”
materials promote healthy attachment relationships during childhood, preteen and teen years. Written in accessible, jargon-free language, parents are encouraged to show their child, through their responses, that close family relationships are valuable, predictable, safe, and readily 
attainable. The Psychology Foundation distributes written materials to professionals in community agencies, schools and mental health organizations who make sure our important messages reach thousands of parents and their children annually.
PFC’s parenting programs and materials have particular relevance for many marginalized families, including Newcomers, who face challenges of social isolation, language barriers, and cultural differences in parenting practices. For this reason, we collaborate with professionals working in these communities to
develop, translate and disseminate our resources.

Check out our Every Mind Matters Handouts for Parents 


  • ‘You and Your Preteen’ Tip sheets were developed to provide helpful information on how to maintain your relationship as your child transitions into the teen years. While the sheets provide tips for all parents of preteens, they were specifically created to address the challenges newcomer families face as their child moves towards greater independence. The sheets will be available on-line and will be translated into several languages.
  • Committee Psychologists reviewed some of the earlier published parenting booklets to ensure they incorporate current research and best practices.
  • Determined demand for digital vs hard copy versions of the Parenting for Life booklets as well as distribution of parenting tip sheets and topics for download.
  • Thousands of parenting materials distributed across Canada – used by Family Resource Centres, Public Health, Children’s Mental Health Agencies, schools, parent groups.

Thank you to our Sponsors

We are grateful to Kodak for their generous sponsorship of the Parenting for Life program over the past number of years. 

The Gordon Bell Foundation
We are grateful to The Gordon Bell Foundation for their sponsorship of the Parenting for Life "School Age" Program.

Desjardins Financial Security

We are grateful to Desjardins Financial Security for their contribution to the booklet Kids Can Cope: Parenting Resilient Child at Home and at School.