Liane Davey is changing the world one team at a time. By combining a keen expertise in strategy with deep insight into group dynamics, she is transforming organizations from the executive team down. After 18 years working in large consulting firms, Liane recently co-founded 3COze Inc., a firm dedicated to increasing the value organizations get from better communication, stronger connections, and increased contribution. Liane has distilled the stories and insights from her years in the boardroom into   her New York Times bestselling book YOU FIRST: Inspire Your Team to Grow Up, Get Along, and Get Stuff Done (Wiley, 2013). She also shares her message about accountability, trust, and high performance through keynote speeches and workshops. A prolific writer, Liane provides practical tips and tools as a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review and Quartz and as the host of her own blog at

Whenever possible, Liane gives back to the communities she serves.  Most notably, she is a passionate advocate for mental health and has served as a Board Member of the Psychology Foundation of Canada, and as an evaluator for the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards. Liane holds a Ph.D. in Industrial/ Organizational Psychology from the University of Waterloo. Notwithstanding the Ph.D., the best thing to come out of her time at Waterloo was meeting her husband and business partner, Craig. Liane and Craig live in Toronto with their two daughters.